Buying and Selling Real Estate is often one of the biggest decisions you will make in your lifetime. There are challenges and ups and downs along the way that can make the process difficult and hard to comprehend.

After 22 years as a Realtor/ Broker / Owner and nearly 800 transactions, my level of experience allows me to make the process easier to understand and navigate.

I have always believed that even though technology constantly is changing, that providing outstanding customer service is the first and most important task I have. Clearly explaining the process start to finish so the road to home ownership or selling is not filled with surprises. Listening to people's needs and being able to point out things that may pose concerns are all part of what I do.

I believe this is a people first business, where the interest of those I represent comes before my own interests ALWAYS.

I work largely by referral and I would not survive in this industry without people feeling comfortable with me and with their friends and family working with me.

I invite you to call or email me anytime and I will be happy to help in any way I can to answer questions, provide information, or just listen to what it is you need from the real estate experience.

Call or email anytime 206-250-7324 or, and thank you for considering me.